[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Zsave - description of the startup in 5 simple stages
This article offers to you a diagrammatic outline of the process of
installation of the Zsave service proposed by SysCo which makes it
possible to safeguard your remote data. The objective of Zsave is to
place at the disposal a reliable system which allow externaliser your
safeguards and this of automated and sure matter.
Stage 1:

Acquisition of waiter NAS and premi? local
copy of the donn? data processing?auvegarder:

Stage 2:

D?acement and installation of waiter
NAS in a data-processing room of SysCo prot? against the intrusions,
under alarm and climatis?

Stage 3:

Installation of a program of synchronization
at the customer and automatic transfer, s?ris?t p?odic of the donn? :

Stage 4:

Acc?aux files being on the NAS since
any computer connect? Internet gr.? ?ne interface Web prot?e by

Stage 5:

Physical R?p?tion of waiter NAS in
any time by a person dument autoris?


Crypter the whole of the files
stock?physiquement on the NAS in the buildings of SysCo:

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