[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Zitem, verticalized and centralized management information of your company, the ideal support for your SCI - Internal System of Audit - [ in knowing more... (15.02.07)
You currently sail on an interface CMS Zitem. Enriched, equipped with
a powerful research thanks to the contribution of technology of the
Zitem application.
Internet sites of SysCo are bas?sur the Zitem application.

Zitem allows g?r the whole of information multi-language of a
company by a g?e application via an interface Internet (Web-based).
Are the levels of acc??' information diff?nci? public level?'
acc?r?rv? management of the firm. The use is intuitive, simple. The
classification of information can -?e r?is?ans several files?a time
(multi-cat?ries) in a tree structure of the Explorateur type of file.
You have for example acc?aux public information of SysCo by the
address http://zitem.sysco.ch/.

Zitem/website, v?table
CMS, make it possible to post on a page Internet (like that of
http://www.sysco.ch) the information of mani? compl?ment dynamic (for
example http://zitem.sysco.ch/website/). To make r?ndre this?n page or
several domain name is of course possible (for example
http://www.sysco.ch). It is m? possible of g?r several sites with a m?
Zitem application (for example http://www.sysco.ch /,
http://www.zebrablog.net /, http://www.zitem.ch /, etc.)

Is the applicability of Zitem broad, of the personal site?a
management compl? information of a soci? international. We are
held?otre provision for any information compl?ntaire.
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