[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Zfile (management and elaborate division of files on line by Internet) (15.02.07)
The Zfile module makes it possible to manage and divide files by the
intermediary of an interface Web (http://...)
Annual subscription: CHF 500. - HT
Personalization according
to your sp?ficit?et installation: CHF 100. - HT

Management via an interface WEB

- 50 GB of
d’espace-disc of donn?
- traffic illimit?
expenses of the com/.net/.org field included if the field is propri?
of SysCo. If not CHF 20.-/an or direct invoicing by Switch for a ch

- possibilit?e g?r of other domain names as well as synonymous
domain names

- Interface of ultra-simplifi?pour use to
allow?out one each one to use the service

- a Number
of users g?s illimit?
- Possibilit?e Cr? until?0 groups
distinct from s?rit?
- Possibilit?e Cr? users having rights in
several groups of s?rit?
- Possiblit?e to comment on the file
upload?ar a user
- Possibilit?' uploader several files?a time

- Module of research

D?i of installation: best
effort (a few days).
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