[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Your project of site E-trade or site integrating a process customer (11.04.11)
Vade mecum for leaving well in a project site E-trade or site
integrating a process customer

So that SysCo can give an opinion and help you front in your
project of site E-trade, a project should be submitted to us
avanc?dministrativement so that we can advise you in the technical
choices with the more pr?des needs for your future trade by the means
of Internet. We propose the first maintenance to you, at SysCo or by
t?phone to discuss freely your project, this first go is without
engagement and can be the subject of the signature of a clause of
not-disclosure between you and SysCo.
You formalize then your
id?de mani? pr?se, on paper. You draw pr?s?nt the diff?nts flow such
as they will d?uleront yourselves on your site, you retain choices in
your E-trade: VAT or not, sales?'?anger or not, m?odes of payment,
policies of reduction. You owe?e stage?anger the synopsis of your
project by clarifying the diff?ntes alternatives?stimer. SysCo can
help you?a r?isation of this schedule of conditions, the
data-processing tariffing r?e of consulting is applicable.
the basis of fouill?t pr?s, your document tr?complet, we are able to
quantify the co?du project according to the technical choices which we

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