WebAdmin offers a remote access interface of administration since
anywhere with a simple navigator Web. You can thus easily parameterize
MDaemon, WorldClient, RelayFax. WebAdmin is available free in
additional remote loading of MDaemon.

Support of research
Makes it
possible to seek in alias, mailing lists, and users.

advanced Editor of accounts
It is possible to publish the
MultiPOP configuration of each account user.

Souscriptions for the mailing lists
WebAdmin makes it possible
to add a user in a mailing list and this one will receive a welcome

Editor of alias
It is from now on
possible to publish alias the emails.

Support of the
Of the simple topics is available to change the style
of the interface.

Tourné towards the future

WebAdmin is a palteforme which could be used as tool of administration
with other products in the future.
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