[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Waiter Ftp Serv-U (09.02.07)

Serv-U is a professional solution for the transfer and the
distribution of files on Internet.

Whatever your
requirements in mati? file transfers, Serv-U will know y r?ndre
because it d?ine in diff?ntes versions.

better waiter ftp of its cat?rie by the journalists of the press
sp?alis? Serv-U is a software which obtained multiples r?mpenses.

The derni? does version of the software available in
t?chargement bring a maximum of s?rit?es?anges ftp gr.? with protocol
Principal advantages of Serv-U... Administrative tools

Serv-U proposes to the administrators tools making it possible
to put in place and of contr?r effectively waiters ftp of any size.

Tools avanc?
Serv-U has many options avanc? in order
to contr?r the waiter and traffic.
Transfers ftp s?ris?

The essential s?rit?st?a stabilit?u waiter ftp of your
organization. Serv-U helps you?ssurer the s?rit?e your r?au and of
your files.
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