[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Use of the footbridge webmail under Mac (11.05.11)
The purpose of this article is to give explanations on the use of the
footbridge webmail of the services of electronic mail operated by
SysCo with a Macintosh computer.

The webmail of SysCo is accessible?’adress

L’utilisation of the
webmail with navigator Internet To explore for Mac does not function
correctly. D?loppement the d’IE on Mac has? abandonn?n June

L’utilisation of the webmail with the
navigator Safari n’est yet compl?ment not succeeded. The next
versions of the webmail will be compatible with Safari.

If you wish to thank you use Safari to follow the following
proc?re:une time arriv?ans the inbox, a click on a mall does not
make it possible to open in the part of posting pr?e the mail?ctronic.
Double-click on the courriel makes it possible to open it in
another fen?e.

You can?lement use an alternate
footbridge compatible with the navigators susmentionn??' addresses:
We highly recommend to?ous
the Mac users to choose Firefox as navigator to consult the
emails?ravers the webmail on a r?li basis?.

version of Firefox for Mac is available to t?chargement
the?’adress free:


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