[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] The department of computer science consulting in Neuchâtel
Our department of consulting gathers the audit, the breakdown service,
the support, maintenance, the improvements, the conceptualization and
management in the data-processing field. We propose solutions for all
to you that touches with data processing and the communication.
Type of consulting realized for our customers

Maintenance and network management
We occupy ourselves of
planning, the installation and the maintenance of any equipment or
network and assist your data-processing person in charge in the most
pointed fields.

Technical aid, data-processing and
administrative in the data-processing field
We assist your
data-processing person in charge in the most pointed fields concerning
with your data-processing environment and assure a transfer of
competence so as to make it independent.

Monitoring of your data-processing environment
Using tools and
remote connections, we are able to supervise the correct operation of
your network (safeguards, management of the waiter). A few hours of
pro-active monitoring per month are often enough to prevent and
anticipate problems of the data-processing environment.

Creation of a private virtual network through the Internet
with or without address IP fixes
the companies having several
sites are able to work since each site on software and documents
distributed on the other sites of the private virtual network. The
solution suggested applies to any type of connection Internet (by
telephone, ISDN, ADSL, xDSL, cable)

We are able to carry out one to that or an
expertise in all the fields touching with data processing.

data-processing Charter and of confidentiality
company does not have yet réglement on the principle of use of its
data-processing infrastructure? SysCo helps you to set up a
data-processing charter adapted to your needs and specificities.

Price for the basic model: SFR 300. -. Adaptations according
to tariffing consulting.

And will cetera!
have a specific problem which you wish to maintain us? Do not
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