[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Telephone free thanks to your line Internet high flow (26.04.05)
SysCo proposes to you through his partner IP Worldcom a telephone line
which enables you to telephone through Internet.

If you have a subscription ADSL proposed by S y s C o ®, our
partner proposes this service free to you.

Téléphoner of a number SIP to a number SIP is free!
You will
note very quickly at which point it is easy to telephone free by
Internet (VoIP) with the international number SIP which to you is
allotted (example: 56000@sip.ipworldcom.ch).

Téléphoner of a number SIP to an existing number is paying!

Téléphoner using your number SIP on an existing telephone number is
paying. This service is invoiced to you by IP Worldcom, according to
the tariff grid Swisscom. You control your costs thanks to the
limitations which you choose. By defect, this limit is fixed at zero
franks so that you did not ayiez a nasty surprise.

Telephone number dedicated
You also profit from a
second telephone line, free, with a Swiss number (example: 021 805 00
00). Everyone can reach you on this number. And quality is with go!
Include the posting of the call number and a voice messaging.
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