[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] SysCo takes part in the drafting of a news for gate SME of the Swiss Confederation [ in knowing more... (22.04.09)
It acts of an article of popularization concerning HT? "safeguard of
donn? via Internet d?loppe ".


Safeguard of donn? via Internet d?loppe SME know it
well: can the accidental loss of a data-processing document r?anger
in one?air a whole work??t. This is why it is of primary importance
that they carry out a safeguard r?li? their donn? data processing. The
use of Internet is profiled like an advantageous alternative: more and
more of services indeed allow the soci?s to preserve their documents
on line.

Because, if in the large companies the data
processing departments make sure that the donn? are daily sauvegard?,
the small companies are not able often to offer this service. Not only
one waiter s?ris?o? expensive, but its front use? very often compliqu?
One of the options consists d?lors?ffectuer r?li?ment of the copies of
s?rit?des backups in the computerese), but this handling remains

The services of safeguard on Internet
are r?lent definitely more practical. With the help of a monthly
subscription, soci?s sp?alis? ?isposition of SME their waiters s?ris
put? The copy of the donn? via is Internet automatis? so that the
customer does not have any more?e to trouble about the safeguard of
his documents. The co?de these services?ve of a few
franks?uelques hundreds of franks per month. Do free
services exist?lement, but the probl? confidentialit?es donn? fact
still d?t.

"It is noticed tr?nettement that within
SME, a need is in the train of d?lopper, notes Fabien Paratte, deputy
manager of a soci? neuch?loise proposing a service of safeguard of
donn? on line. Because of the g?ralisation of the top d?t, this option
int?sse more and more of companies. It allows them?nomiser hours of
handling, but also of pr?rver all their donn? in the event of
incident, a such fire or a flood."
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