Simple Web News Editor (SWNE) - un gestionnaire Internet de dépêches (news) (28.09.11)
"Simple Web News Editor" (SWNE) allows you to publish news on the web easily (RSS feed, included or own page). No database engine is needed, the pieces of news are stored in text files. SWNE will only cost you CHF 25.00 TTC (EUR15.60). Worth to try and adopt.

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SWNE vous permet de publier facilement des dépêches (news, brèves) sur votre site Internet (flux RSS, inclusion dans une page existante, propre page). Notre éditeur de news n'utilise pas de base de donnée, les dépêches sont stockées dans des fichiers textes. Le gestionnaire de news SWNE coûte CHF 25 (EUR15.60). L'essayer, c'est l'adopter !.

Acquérir SWNE en ligne !

Try the demo: Simple web news editor. Password: 1234. Note: demo is reset once a day.

Buy SWNE online

* News: Simple News Editing & Publishing System
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* @copyright 10.2005 by SysCo systèmes de communication sa, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

"Simple Web News Editor" (SWNE) allows you to publish news on the web easily.
No database engine is needed, the pieces of news are stored in text files.

In order to use SWNE, you will need to allow the webserver to
write into the 'news' sub-folder.

On unix systems, this can be done with: chmod 777 news/

On windows systems, this can be done with the graphical user interface or
with: CACLS news /E /G "Everyone":F

This will allow every user to write files in sub-folder, so the webserver
will have this access.

There are other ways to achieve this; we give you here the easiest.
Please check your webserver or OS documentation for more information.

After this operation, you may browse into the directory where you have installed the
*.php files (E.g. to start adding news.

Default password is:
If you wish to change it, go to the 'news.config.php' file.

Being there, you also probably want to change the $news_rss_* prefs.
or the number of article(s) shown on the web page or the RSS feed.

Please be carefull if you are changing the $news_template variable: you will
then have to change accordingly the search/replace patterns in
listed files.

An URL can optionally be set for each news item; it will be linked under the item's title.

You may add some HTML to your news, but it *must* be valid HTML. Otherwise,
the rss feed (which is XML) will be brocken. For more information about
valid (x)html:

The green links are public URL you can use in your website:
This will show a complete page with the lastest N news

This is an incomplete webpage part that can be 'included' in other page
allowing you to insert the news in existing pages. It also shows the
lastest N news.

This is a RSS feed generator, allowing your visitors to be kept in touch
through their RSS feeds aggregator. It also allows you to put news in some other website(s).
The rss feed list the last X news, this can be different of N and
is also editable in news.config.php file.

For more information:
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