[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Saferpay, solution of payment on line of Telekurs Card Solutions SA (02.06.11)
Saferpay is a simple and sure solution for the following means of
payment per credit card or chart of flow on Internet.
Is Saferpay a platform of payment on Internet which has? sp?alement
d?lopp?pour trade. It guarantees the traffic s?des payments on
Internet for the commer?t like for the holder of the chart. The
commer?t b?ficie of simple l’int?ation of the means of payment
within the?ctronic platform of trade as of the modularit?ui allows him
r?ndre with the requirements d’aujourd’hui and of
tomorrow. The holder of the chart knows qu’il can buy in all
s?rit?ans the shops using Saferpay.

Saferpay is
d?loppement of Telekurs Card Solutions AG. Telekurs Card Solutions AG
is a leader of march?uisse in the field of the traffic of the
payments?ctronic in representative money. Are Tous.les.jours, several
hundreds of thousands of transactions financi?s milked? by the
data-processing center of Telekurs Card Solutions AG.

Saferpay is exploit?n Suisse and lays out of connections with all the
important banks d’Europe and of direct connections with the
r?aux ones of charts of cr?t of the whole world. Saferpay ensures the
simple s?et payment on and by the means d’Internet.
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