[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] SMS Gateway for MDaemon (09.02.07)

SMS Gateway for MDaemon is a footbridge which connects the two
means of communication more utilis?en undertaken: ?ctronic transport
and the mobile t?phonie.

With SMS Gateway for MDaemon,
you g?z your SMS (envoy?et Re?) to?artir of your customer of
transport: c’est simple and fast!

You can
communicate important information with the personnel absent of your
buildings in only a few seconds. And without expenses suppl?ntaires
since you poss?z D? a waiter of transport and a portable t?phone with
a fixed price SMS!
Sending and r?ption of SMS since your bo?
With SMS Gateway for MDaemon, you send and receive your
messages directly since your customer of transport. To communicate by
SMS becomes as simple as to communicate by e-mail!
Does your
e-mail follow you everywhere, in time R?...
Do not lose any
more time?onsulter your bo? with the letters when you await an
important message or that you?s in d?acement. SMS Gateway returns your
e-mail in the form of SMS directly on your t?phone mobile!

Receive alarms on your t?phone
Does SMS Gateway redirect the
important notifications of your waiter of transport or a syst?
informatis??rant e-mail on your t?phone portable. Be the first
inform?n' imports o?n' imports when!
Simple, fast, effective
and little co?ux!
SMS Gateway n?ssite few?ipement: a waiter of
MDaemon transport, simple a t?phone compatible connect?ur a wearing of
communication of your waiter, with a subscription and a fixed price
SMS following your consumption. Moreover, its installation and its
configuration are of a simplicit?xemplaire!
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