[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Outlook Connector for MDaemon (13.10.05)
MDaemon groupware is an additional module making it possible to
transform MDaemon into genuine collaboratif tool. In use with
Microsoft Outlook, MDaemon groupware offers all the functionalities of
division of calendars, notes, contacts, and tasks to you.

Outlook, Exchange, and MDaemon

Microsoft Outlook is a software very appreciated for its
functions of planning, transport, and divides files. The transport and
the personal calendar are accessible to any user having a POP account
or IMAP. On the other hand, the functionalities of division in network
required that Outlook is coupled with a transport waiter Microsoft
Exchange. This last uses protocols owners to communicate with the
tools of division of Outlook.

Although Microsoft
Exchange Server is a powerful solution, certain managers reproaches
him a ratio raised cost-benefit, sometimes disappointing performances,
and a powerful machine to function. The PME/PMI also observe that it
is rather difficult to manage, and requires of the very qualified and
trained personnel. Moreover, to pass to the next version software and
to profit from the whole of its functionalities, it will require to
change operating system.

Outlook Connector for MDaemon
answers the problems of cost, complexity, operating system, and shares
network. MDaemon itself is already recognized for its facility of
implementation and its functionalities. By adding the possibility of
division, Outlook Connector for MDaemon gives access to the whole of
the functionalities of Outlook without the cost nor the difficulties
of Exchange.

Outlook Connector for MDaemon functions
on a suitable material with practically any version of Windows, which
includes 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP.

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