[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] MDaemon: Waiter of transport (waiter mall). Mdaemon Mail server (08.08.06)
MDaemon is an integrating waiter of transport of the tools for
treatment of messages e-mail and management of accounts of users.

MDaemon makes it possible the organizations to
effectively treat e-mail quickly and by using a minimum of resources
syst?, but offers also all the tools of a transport unifi?

MDaemon Waiter, in configuration Internet or Intranet,
offers services smtp, POP to you, IMAP (Pro version), Webmail gr.?
?orldclient, the mailing lists. MDaemon supports also a directory
centralis?le division of calendar and plannings, the public files, the
transport instantan?s?ris?ComAgent, and others
fonctionnalit?int?ssantes. This made of MDaemon an application of
waiter of professional transport compl? and personnalis? Many a
compl?nts is available to offer even more s?rit?t to you of

Moreover, MDaemon Pro has an additional
module making it possible to transform it into v?table collaboratif
tool. In use with Microsoft Outlook, MDaemon groupware offers all to you the
fonctionnalit?de division of calendars, notes, contacts, and t?es...


gr.? ?on
filter Anti-Spam, r?lsor, filter of contents, lists of suppression,
but also the module Antivirus, MDaemon Pro is a solution s?ris?et
compl? of?ctronic transport. Protocols of authentification
s?ris?(APOP, CRAM-MD5, LOGIN, ESMTP) prot?nt acc?utilisateurs.

Compatibilit?t standardization
The standards
and standards of protocol of transport form parts of the foundations
of MDaemon. Thus your?anges?ctronic in smtp, POP3, IMAP4 (version
Pro), is facilit?et the traditional customers of transport enti?ment
compatible. Does synchronization XML with the address books of Outlook
and Windows allow g?r simply public address books and priv?

Accessibilit?t collaboration
to transform your
waiter of transport into a collaborative continuation, will d?uvrez
MDaemon groupware. MDaemon supports also the waiters of directories
centralis?LDAP (such as LDaemon) to store the user newses. The public
files?a standard IMAP4 offers a acc?commun partag?ux users d?rant to
publish their information in all simplicit?Le new module of transport
instantan?ComAgent multi-platform offers simple?anges and rapids
between the users, with the possibilit?e?anger directly of the files
between them.

Management of the mobilit?

gr.? ?orldClient, you can acc?r?otre transport since does not
import o?e F? s?ris?avec a simple navigator Web. The new interface '
LookOut' (version Pro) offers an environment of work identical to the
software traditional customers of transport. Can the administrators
also g?r the waiters MDaemon?istance gr.? with the additional module
free WebAdmin.
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