[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Information on the environment necessary for the installation of the process Ztrimailer de SysCo (16.03.07)
Information hardware, software and of configuration for machines used
by the process Ztrimailer by S y s C o ®

Hardware Machine We recommend to use two machines:
secondary MX primaireUn MX
mat?elle Architecture
d?ut, one will use a Intel architecture i386 (or compatible). But
following architectures are possible?lement: [ alpha ] [ ia64 ] [
powerpc ] [ sparc ].
(There is in still others on which debian
is available: ARM, m68k, etc. But it is not very probable and not very
advisable to use them).

The chart m?
little importance has.
(or them) the chart r?au owes?e at
least 100Mbit and g?r the full-duplex. More the chart is common better
it is (3Com, realteck, Broadcom). The internal charts of the large
waiters must function without probl?.
Less a giga from RAM
(and two, it is mieux)Il is pr?rable to have the discs in RAID (1, 5
or mieux)Pr?rable also to have two food (redundant)
vid?basse r?lution, without 3d or other (if need be, v?proud the
compatibilit?vec XFree: http://www.xfree86.org/current/manindex4.html)

BIOS D?ctiver in the BIOS the port non-utilis? USB, PARPORT,
SERIALActiver the red?rrage apr?coupure alimentationSoftware Operating
system We recommend to use Debian GNU/Linux?tion stable.
?entuellement, we can work with Red Hat Enteprise Linux.

Serveur of mall (MTA) Our solution is bas?sur the application
sendmail 8.12.x or sup?eure.

Other software necessary
Web server Apache (2.0.x)
Serveur ssh OpenSSH (3.x)

Logiciel of synchronization of time NTP (4.x)
Configuration Our solution can function with only one chart r?au by
machine, but we recommend to install two of them:
An external
chart, accessible from the ext?eurUne internal chart for the
connection?a machine of storage of mall (IMail, Communigate, etc) with
address interns (By ex: 192.168.x)Cette solution allows prot?r port 25
of the machine downstream, open that on its interface (NB interns: it
is necessary whereas the machine downstream has two

The machine needs at least a FQDN
which will be utilis?our service (smtp & HTTP). The reverseDNS of the
IP of the machine?lement owes r?udre on this FQDN.

minimal software Configuration We undertake to install and to
configure the software diff?nts but with this intention we require
that a basic installation is F?. We ask that the technician in load of
the installation contact us pr?ablement.
That the distribution
linux debian is install?(sans configuration has posteriori)Nous can
assist by t?phone for the
installation That the machine is
available ext?eurQue OpenSSH turns dessusDu password rootNous can
proc?r?ette basic installation naturally, on your request.

destiny Field? the management of the service
need a domain name sp?fic destiny? the management of the service of
which entr? DNS point on the machines.
primary education

MX r?ndant?a secondary machine 1MX r?ndant?a machine 2FQDN
r?ndant with the site of management on machine 1
We?lement need an account of test on the waiter of mall downstream.
Id?ement on the m? domain name that the management of the service.

Adresse IP atteignable since the ext?eurUsername (evt
testztrimailer)Password (?onvenir)Machine downstream the machine of
mall downstream uses IMail:
IMAIL version 2006.1

acc??a machine in RDPacc??a machine as an administrator on the

The machine downstream uses

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