How to change the password of your limps of electronic mail (04.07.12)
Procedure to change the password of one limps lodged on a waiter of
SysCo. This article is not applicable for our customers in "service
MALL redirect" who have their own internal waiter of malls.

1. Acc?r?a footbridge webmail of SysCo and to connect you.
If you will d?rez
to connect yourselves with a connection s?ris? thank you to use

2. Acc?r in the
"Pr?rences" then "To modify the password"

To change your password by introducing some new and by confirming it.

4. To record the pr?rences (in top of the page)

5. Your new password is in function. One should not
forget, the case??t, to modify the password in the param?es of your
software of transport (Outlook, Eudora, mobile Versamail, t?phone,
Thunderbird, Entourage, etc.)

Note:: it is
possible that your mailmaster refuses you the right to modify your
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