[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] How SysCo proceeds for one to that data processing in your company [ in knowing more...
We come in your offices and r?isons a s?e of tests and d.observations
on the basis d.une list of disfonctionnements which you have
remarqu?list that you forward to us a few days before l.audit). A
report/ratio is?bli, by oral examination or?it, according to your
request. ?rendre measurements are matter?. Tariffing is CHF
200.-/heure and l.audit is r?is?ar a ing?or, the conditions g?rales of
intervention are?otre provision on our Internet site.

Corrective measurements matter? either are implemented by SysCo or by
another company on the basis of report/ratio.

If SysCo
implements corrective measurements, the mandate becomes then a mandate
of consulting normalis?

At the time of l.audit, we
will d?rons that the users of the syst? as you are pr?nt, without
repr?ntant of l.installator. If we have
need for information
compl?ntaires on behalf of l.installator, we send them by?it and
require a r?nse?ite. If SysCo implements corrective measurements, the
pr?nce of l.installator in so much qu.auditor is possible.
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