[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Greylisting, the second rampart antispam for the services of electronic messaging Zline [ to know some more... (11.05.11)
Ztrimailer est un composant du système Zspam by SysCo ® (voir article apparenté)
The greylisting

The greylisting is simple a barri?
automatic and syst?tic anti-Spam, without complex or tri filtering
s?ctif. When our waiters re?vent for the premi? time a mall on behalf
of pierre@pierre.ch for paul@paul.ch, the greylisting refuses a priori
the mall and requires?e that it is to him again envoy?n little later.

If the waiter at pierre.ch is a true waiter of?ctronic
transport correctly configur?il the mall will return. The syst? of
greylisting reconna?a then l?n deuxi? test and will accept the mall.
Urgent D?cet, it will accept without d?i the malls of pierre@pierre.ch
for paul@paul.ch.

If, on the other hand, the waiter of
sending of the malls is a software of sending of spams - not forc?nt
h?rg?hez pierre.ch - it will not receive this opinion of temporary
refusal. It will thus not return the mall one second time and the Spam
will be never accept?
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