[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Gimme-file application [ to know some more... (24.09.09)
Gimme-file allows the immediate remote loading of a file after
introduction of a name of user and a password!
Gimme-file is an application for Internet site which allows?es users
of the site to be seen proposing t?chargement file
personnalis?mm?atement to apr?avoir introduced a name of user and a
password into a form WEB.

Gimme-file is d?lopp?en
language PHP and functions without base of donn?.

Standard of files t?chargeables: all.
The extensions g?es
automatically are doc pdf txt html (according to your needs it is
possible to add some).
The files with other extensions will be
envoy?tout m?, but without indication of the type of file.

The files are stock?dans an inaccessible r?rtoire since the
ext?or (access denied). Are the files put?our via ftp by the admin, of
m? that the list of the users and passwords.

questions of s?rit?le file cannot?e dynamic (not of php). The URL is
not of http://www.ndd.ch/simon.pdf type but
of the
http://www.ndd.ch/login.php type whose param?es (to use & pass) pass
in POST. Of this F? not only the URL is not appealable directly, but
it is not m?risable (not bookmarks, not of copier/coller).

the Gimme-file application is commercialis?au price of CHF
200. - VAT, the installation are offered if h?rgement is assur?ar

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