[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Conditions of consultation of our Internet sites. Protection of theprivate sphere
Votre visite sur un de nos sites Internet implique le respect des lois en vigueur ce concernant. Une demande d'intervention de notre part implique l'acceptation des conditions générales en vigueur.

Your visit on one of our Internet sites implies the respect of
the laws in force it concerning. A request for control of our share
implies the acceptance of the general conditions into force.

SysCo communication
systems its (SysCo) declines any responsibility as for the use not in
connection with the information contained on this site and the
contents of the site itself. It is the same with regard to the
provided bonds or legally taken again information for other sites on
which SysCo does not have any influence. SysCo cannot ensure that
information is always current at the time of its reading, in the same
way, SysCo reserves the right to change into any time the contents of
the site without warning.

the whole of the contents created by SysCo is
protected by the royalty.

Any personal information provided to SysCo is
preserved with all possible diligence. We do not transmit your
co-ordinates to others without your express train agreement and only
for specific cases, to in no case advertising.

You can in any time you désinscrire
of our mailing lists directly on Internet site or request. We cannot
be held responsible for an inscription with one of our letters of
distribution by a third.

While sailing on one of our Internet sites, you accept
our conditions.

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