[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Can Zsave safeguard open files? Can Zsave safeguard the data bases Microsoft Exchange? (28.06.07)
If a file is open in exclusive mode, Zsafe cannot have acc?au file and
cannot thus copy it.

If the files are on a machine of
the type Windows 2003 or type Windows XP, it is possible however to
use the technique VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) which makes it
possible to copy files m? opened (including PST of Outlook for
example). This does not function under Windows NT nor under Windows

Concerning the files of donn? Are Exchange, they
large files but there is in theory only one addition of donn? at the
end of the file

Zsave functions so that only the
modifications?' int?or of a file are envoy? (is the file d?up?e share
and of other in small piece and a sum of contr? each piece is

Moreover, you have in theory in Exchange
of the logging files which cr?et which m?rise all that has? fact since
the complete last backup of the "large" edb file.

to know which effective volume transf? to put a file edb?our apr?une
journ? we can make measurement if you have a version?n day D-day and
another version at the J+1 day of the file (?nvoyer on CD and we then
simulate the synchronization of the file for conna?e the volume of
effective transfer utilis?

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