[COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION] Antivirus MDaemon (30.05.04)
MDaemon antivirus was conceived to ensure an automated protection
against the viruses on the waiter of MDaemon transport.

MDaemon antivirus is able to update its
components automatically and to integrate the new antivirus data
without any manual intervention.
The powerful module of
detection finds all the viruses known, which they present in
enclosures to e-mail, or in messages HTML. Once the message infected
detected, this one perhaps automatically destroyed, or quarantined, or
even, dispatched with an administrator predetermined network.



Scanner in background task

MDaemaon antivirus supports the scanning in background task
with your preferred antivirus software of certain enclosures.

Antivirus Protection
Antivirus MDaemon scanne and
eliminates all the viruses and Trojan from each component (e.g.
HTML/joints, S/Mime) in your messages email. It proposes also a
utility to erase the malicious viruses like HAPPY99.EXE and EXPOREZIP
directly on the MDaemon waiter.

Virus Information

You have additional information thanks to bonds Internet of
the menu of Assistance.

Fichiers LOGS
All the
results of the scans are traced and the Administrators can define the
maximum size of the file of logs.

Service Windows

MDaemon antivirus settles and is carried out as a service under
Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP and 2003.

up to date Mises

You can receive the updates on line since Internet via ftp.
Moreover, the stopped remote loadings are taken again if necessary and
can be carried out through a proxy.

Alarms Virus

The Administrators can personalize the messages of alarms sent
to the shipper of an infected message. The recipients can also be

easy Installation
MDaemon antivirus is
really very simple to install, to configure is to manage.
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